CSDA Salary Survey

The CSDA Administrative Salary & Benefits Survey and access to all online results is FREE for all CSDA Members. Just participate in the survey and your district will have access to data from hundreds of districts!

CSDA launched this online survey tool for collection and comparison of special district salary and benefit data. We invite you to participate by entering your agency’s administrative salary and benefits data into this user-friendly format. Once the survey results become live and you have participated or purchased the results, you will have access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive, aggregated information available – 24/7! 


The CSDA Administrative Salary & Benefits Survey is designed to provide you with the data necessary to evaluate the salary and benefits offered by special districts. It serves as a valuable management tool when reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating your district's own salary and benefits structure. The online format allows you to create customized reports and make the most meaningful comparisons based on agency type, size, or other demographics. Examples of data collected and reported in this survey include:

Salary Information:
• Administrative/Support Positions
• Finance/Accounting Positions
• Human Resources Positions
• Public Relations/Legislative Positions
• Operations Positions

Benefit Information:
• Employee Benefits Offered
• Health Insurance Practices
• Retirement Plans
• Vacation & Holidays
• Sick & Other Paid Leave

CSDA Salary Survey Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter data? 

 Independent special districts - Staff member (recommended Human Resources or General Manager) from any independent special district in California is allowed to enter data.

Dependent special districts - Staff from dependent special districts in California are allowed to enter data.

How do I log in?

Use your www.csda.net log in and password.

Username = email address

If you are listed under your district’s roster and have a unique email, you can log in using your email address as your username. If you are unsure about your password, click Forgot Password > enter your email as your Username > set your password through an email link sent to your inbox.


Do we have to complete the data entry all at once?

No. You can log in, enter and save your data, and log out again. All data will be retained by the survey tool. Note that other staff at your district may have access to entering and updating the data as well.

How do I access the promo code? 

CSDA members who participate in the survey will have access to the results for FREE. 

Not a member? Once you have entered 75% or more of the data, a promo code will be available. The code will allow you to save $125 on the online subscription to the comprehensive report. You must be logged in and on the home tab to view the promo code.

I tried to log in but it brought me back to this page, what happened? 

This product has been built to work directly with our database. If you are not listed under a roster of an agency that is eligible to participate in the survey or has purchased results it will not allow you  access  to the product. If you believe you should have access contact Member Services at membership@csda.net or  877.924.2732. 

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

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Enter Your Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Data NOW!

The CSDA Administrative Salary & Benefits Survey and access to all online results is FREE for all CSDA members.  Participate NOW by entering your agency's data and be the first to access the results in 2022.

Not a member? Participate by entering your agency's data and receive a promo code for $125 savings off the purchase of the Salary Survey results.


Salary Survey Results NOW AVAILABLE!

As a “living” document, the results of the survey will improve as more and more agencies complete the survey and submit their data. You can update your own agency's data anytime.


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