Remote Meetings During Declared Emergencies


Signed into law by Governor Newsom on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

During times of crisis or emergency, it is essential that public agencies are able to continue to provide critical services to the public. To assist in those efforts, CSDA sponsored Assembly Bill 361 (Rivas), which allows public agencies to meet remotely as they do now under the Governor’s Executive Orders related to COVID-19.

As signed by the governor, Assembly Bill 361 (Rivas) allows the following:

  • While maintaining transparency and public access, local agencies would be able to meet remotely during a declared state of emergency
  • While agencies would still be required to post agendas and meeting information, agencies would not be required to post meeting notices and/or agendas in physical locations when remotely meeting during an emergency
  • While the public must continue to have access to the remote meeting and provided the ability to make public comment, agencies would not be required to make all remote meeting sites accessible to the public, nor include the remote location details in the meeting notice or agenda during a declared state of emergency
  • Additionally, agency board members would not be required to be at remote sites within the territorial bounds of the agency during a declared state of emergency

CSDA would like to extend its gratitude to those members who submitted letters of support throughout the legislative process to assist AB 361 in its passage through the Legislature.