Special Districts Map

Special Districts Mapping Project

CSDA, in partnership with California CAD Solutions, is proud to present the most comprehensive, interactive map of independent special districts in California. CSDA’s goal is to have every special district headquarters and boundary lines represented on the map. If your district’s data is inaccurate or missing boundary lines, please let us know how we can correct it. Contact CSDA Member Services (emilyc@csda.net) with any questions or comments.

The Special District Mapping Project is supported in part by contributions from the California Special Districts Alliance, a collaborative partnership between CSDA, CSDA Finance Corporation and Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA).

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Disclaimer: The Special District Mapping Project is provided as a public resource for general information. Because the data contained therein has not been verified and has been gathered from multiple sources, CSDA does not guarantee its accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose.

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Explore the most comprehensive and interactive online map of special districts in the state through the Special Districts Mapping Project.