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Governance to Go

CSDA Governance Training at a time and location that is most convenient for your district.

Can’t make it to one of CSDA’s scheduled governance trainings? Would your district prefer an internal training at your location? We have you covered! With CSDA’s “Governance to Go” program you can complete an online request for training that works for you and your district. All of our governance training options also meet the requirement for six hours of governance training for the District of Distinction program from the Special District Leadership Foundation.


All courses are based on the curriculum provided through
CSDA’s Special District Leadership Academy

  • Governance Foundations (6 hours)
  • Setting Direction/Community Leadership (6 hours)
  • Board’s Role in Finance & Fiscal Accountability (5 hours)
  • Board’s Role in Human Resources (5 hours)

Course Payment Options:

  • OPTION 1: The fee for personalized governance training is $225 per CSDA member attendee for a minimum of 20 attendees. Additional attendees over 20 are $100 per attendee.
  • OPTION 2: Districts that cannot meet the 20-attendee minimum can coordinate with other districts in their area in order to meet the minimum. One district will need to be financially responsible and sign the final agreement with CSDA. Additional attendees over 20 are $100 per attendee.
  • OPTION 3: Special District Leadership Foundation is currently recognizing VIRTUAL governance education for District of Distinction and Certificate in Governance Programs. The fee for personalized VIRTUAL governance training is $175 per CSDA member attendee for a minimum of 20 attendees. Additional virtual attendees over 20 are $50 each - up to 30 total attendees.


  • One trained, experienced faculty member to deliver the curriculum (up to 6 hours)
  • A comprehensive and professional Power Point Presentation for use by our faculty member
  • Coordination of professional handouts and workbook materials for each attendee
  • Coordination of attendee registration and provides an event registration link for distribution (if open to multiple districts)
  • Attendee name badges and certificates
  • Tracking of course completion in CSDA’s database
  • CSDA provides SDRMA a post-event report for Credit Incentive Point (CIP) tracking where applicable


  • Workshop location and covers any related costs
  • Food and beverage as needed
  • Audio/video equipment including projector, screen, microphone (if needed), and laptop available for instructor use
  • A complete list of attendees no later than two weeks before the event

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Special Districts Leadership Academy Conference

This conference content is based on CSDA’s Special District Leadership Academy (SDLA) groundbreaking, curriculum-based continuing education program, which recognizes the necessity for the board and general manager to work closely toward a common goal. SDLA provides the knowledge base to perform essential governance responsibilities and is designed for both new and experienced special district board members.

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