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    Policy Revisions

    We are working through some of our Policies. When discussing the Board Actions and Decisions 5040 Policy there was a comment coming from a recently attended webinar that Directors should not abstain. We should only recuse due to a conflict of interest. ...

  • Thank you! Jennifer Flores Administrative Services Manager Phone: 209-962-7161 ext. 1013 Fax: 209-962-4943

  • Hello all - I'm trying to put together a contract to burn some piles associated with a fuels reduction project on federal land. I'm aware of all requirements re: SMP, cal fire notification, specifications for line around piles/suppression tools required ...

  • Hi Lorena, Attached is MBARD's Surplus Property policy from our PPM. ------------------------------ Ann O'Rourke Executive Assistant Monterey Bay Air Resources District Salinas CA (831) 718-8028 ------------------------------

  • Hello, Anyone have experience with or can provide a recommendation for a bond company providing faithful performance bonds as related to Health and Safety Code section 13854(c)?  I have found several online, but always highly value recommendations and ...